Raising Funds Ain’t for the Weak

Will here again!

Back in late 2014, shortly after our first appearance at the Tanner Gun Show, we knew we were on to something. But, as explained in my last posting, it was simply too difficult just take the next steps as we all had jobs, and bills, with very little money left over. But, if we could only get a little help to get the ball rolling, we were confident that we could pay back loans quickly.

Today, getting donations is easy because our concept is full proof and we can prove. But back in 2014, all we had was an idea, passion, and that’s it. Two week’s ago, we raised money to purchase a press and our friends from Basement Team were more than kind to step up and help us get the press 3 days after our inquiry. But back in 2014, it was nearly impossible.

We first tried to seek donations of $5,000. We go no wear. We figured if we could get a handful of these, we’d have plenty enough operating capital to get started. We’d be able to get a small shot, a trailer and some of the tooling and material we needed to complete our work. No one bit donating that much money. Keep in mind, there aren’t any large corporations willing to invest in a custom gun company, so we were asking small companies and entrepreneurs, and they just weren’t comfortable, with the exception of a dirt moving equipment repair company.

Equally, we were a little comfortable taking that much money, as the last thing we wanted was debt held over our head. We knew debt was inevitable, but we just didn’t want to owe anyone large chunks of money. We weren’t confident enough to trust ourselves.

garageSo, we started asking for donations of $250 to $1,000. This method allowed us to meet our initial goal of generating $10,000 within two weeks. This didn’t get us into a brick and mortar shop, but we were able to purchase all machinery, tooling, materials and a large capacity trailer. We set up shop in Craig’s detailed garage.

At this point, we were on to something special. Now, we had to find out how in the world to get business to come in. Lord, us old guys don’t know what to do. But we got better. More story to come!

Will is out!